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Welcome to « the experiment » where we are going to make a track « together » ! I originally began this on Facebook,but it was kind of messy and most of the people answered something else than the asked question, which makes it hard to calculate. Beside this, HERE, even if it is not perfect, it can be translated and this is cooler for those who don’t speak english ….So i transferred the concept here, where i can create my own survey and get clear results …So here where we are for now :
(I will put the oldest video at the bottom of this page so everytime you come here you will see the latest video first.)

27/03/2019 : DAY 4…Let’s build !

In what order will the parts appear before the final break ?

20/03/2019 : DAY 3…the first « skeleton ».

19/03/2019 : DAY 2…

Only 2 melodies left...so ..the RED or the BLUE ?...
Watch the video just under this poll : WHAT MELODY WILL I KEEP ?

18/03/2019 : DAY 1

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