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Summer 89 ( Talamasca remix )

This will be my next Single release in april.
I know the original version from the late 90’s , California sunshine was an Israeli band composed by Dj Miko and Harel Prusky. They were one of the first Goa trance project with Astral Projection, and Miko was one of the first goa Dj from Israel with Dj Guy Sebbag, Dj Dede or dj Zoo-B from Krembo records. ( where the first Talamasca track was released in 1996. ) I eard the original version of this track many years later in Russia, in the car on my way to the party, and had the idea to remix it for my « A brief history of Goa trance » album, but I thought I lost the files…I had a version I played for few months but the mix was not perfect . By changing my Pc at home, and digging into my old hard drives, I found the files again and finished it recently to release it. I opened my set at Flor Da Vida in Brazil with this track and it was quite a good success 😀 !


From the next album :

SPACE : Magic Fly

( Talamasca remix )

The original version of this track was released in 1977…I was 3 years old…But I still remember it from my childhood, and to follow my concept of « time machine », I like to take some very old tracks from the real pionners of Electronic music, and turn them into psytrance …and this is what I did again here with tremendous hit from another time…


From the next album :

Talamasca  – Crash that sucker down

This is not exactly a remix…originally, this melody is from OT QUARTET, and is veryyy old too …there has been already 47 different versions…so I took it as an exercise of style :p …and made my own version…


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