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Who am I ?

Those from you who already know me as Talamasca are already aware that I am french, which will excuse my English mistakes and probably my attitude sometimes…if not excuse, at least explain ! 😉

I was born in 1974, when most of you weren’t even an idea :p … and I was already a psychedelic listener as my pregnant mother was listening Pink Floyd all day long and every days …

I can not say i was a quite kid …maybe even kind of hyperactive, which probably helped me later to get crazy on stage while playing … and I didn’t have to wait so long as i was already playing in parties at the age of 17 . I became the youngest resident Dj of the Rex club in Paris in 1993 at the beginning of the Goa trance scene .

But since I am a kid, as far as I remember, my goal was to travel the world and meet people from every culture all around our planet. So I am not really sure if I am a Musician who is traveling or if I am a traveler who is making music for a living … What I am sure is that music and traveling are my 2 passions, and that I want now to be able to share with you the other part of my life, the traveling one.

As you can see, I have always loved to have a stage costume :p …

In 1992, after many years spent listening heavy metal but playing classical music on the piano, I discovered  » rave parties « . I immediatly knew this will become my life. At the end of 1992, I was already playing in parties, but the style was quite nervous as i was a hard-core/gabber Dj …… yes it is true :p …But not for long as in 1993 I have discovered the track from Juno reactor called « protons high energy » and felt in Love with trance. I became then « Dj Lestat » and began to play all over France and few countries in Europe. Marc Allen from « Return to the source », with Dj Tsuyoshi Suzuki from Prana records and John Ford from Phantasm records gave me my first chance abroad by bringing me to their famous « return to the source » parties in the Bridge Club, in London !
I then became resident Dj of the rex club in Paris, as mentioned above, in 1993, but was not making music yet. I first became knows as a Dj as you will see in this video made in 1994 on the french television channel called MCM  :

Sorry for the quality of the sound..this is quite an old video 😉 But this was the kind of tracks that were being played in parties in that time…before the « explosion » of goa trance .

In 1995, I met with Steve Eli and Javier de Galloy, two house producers who eared about this new style called « goa trance ». we had a friend in commun who introduce us to each others, and they trusted me enough to teach me how a « studio » works . They are probably responsable of the biggest step of my career : turn me from a dj to a producer. We have made 6 tracks together, here is the first one we have made and released, at krembo records in the early 1996 :

Then « jungle storm » was another big « hit » of that year, and is still today my record at youtube with more than 8 millions views…unfortunatly, not on my channel 😉 …and if you know the guy who posted it..well…tell him to contact me 😉 ..ehehe…I have a good offer for him 😉
Anyhow, this is how « Talamasca » has started.

So I could begin to travel the world … and discover our planet !

Today I have made more than 400 tracks, 12 full albums and so many tracks on compilations that I don’t even have them all myself…


During all those years I have visited incredible places, I have lived amazing experiences and my goal is now to share all those crazy stories, that as dj, we are lucky, ( or not :p ) , to live !

Some of my best memories of parties before 2000…And if you have some good quality videos of that time, any party I was playing…please send me !

From an incredible 3 days cruise in Israel, to an amazing tour in Japan, the years before 2000 were full of souvenirs printed forever in my memory …

Today, I’m still touring all over. My last album was made with an Argentinian guitar virtuose named Ivan Castro, and we often play together for special parties and big events !

But even if I will not be able to « not speak » about my music here, that will not be the main goal .
You can still follow me on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/cedrictalamasca or to my fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/talamasca.official/ ) or even on my instagram (talamasca_official) and THERE, as always, I will focus about music…and here about the travels, or musical tips, production…I’m not sure yet exactly, i guess it will depend on you …

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